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Why Ancleaner has no notifications?
A notification system needs to check constantly the RAM and this process will use battery of your device. We consider a smarter choice to have an app that only works when the user wants and not working in the background of your Android.
What does Ancleaner delete on my Android?
Sometimes, the normal user does not know if you are removing it really useful or not and sometimes will delete neccesary folders or Android files. Our APP is an ideal way to improve performance tool for many reasons, but the main thing is that we do not delete anything without permission. Rearrange and eliminate inconsistencies that exist and the results are checkeable by the user in handling the device in his own eyes.
Some users have reported us a particular antivirus gives notice that Ancleaner could be adware. Ancleaner has passed all safety tests so you can be totally confident with our product. We are facing a FALSE POSITIVE and as such, we have notified.
"Kills" tasks of RAM?
No. There are applications that "sell" closing tasks that improve battery life and many users can check that soon all be working again. Obviously, Android reload everything it needs to run with a extra expense of battery. That is, what we initially thought it was an advantage is the opposite. Ancleaner, with exclusive technology, optimizes memory, increases battery life and improves performance without "kill" any necessary application loaded in the background.